Cost-Saving Tax Consultation Services

KJ Reynolds & Associates and Engineered Tax Services have developed a strategic partnership that identifies federal and state tax credits, incentives, and deductions that create cash flow, expand service offerings, and retain a competitive advantage.

Cost Segregation

Accelerate asset depreciation of your commercial real estate property, releasing significant cash flow.

179D EPAct

Energy efficient improvements of lighting, HVAC, and building envelope can qualify for tax deduction.

45L Tax Credit

Developers of residential properties such as apartments and condos (3 stores or less) may qualify for the 45L Energy Efficient Home Credit.

R&D Tax Credit

The Research & Development Tax Credit is a permanent tax credit that rewards business for innovation.


Microbrews, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Food, Metal, Chemical, Transportation, Electronics, Textile, Medical Equipment, and more.

Public & Commercial Real Estate

Public Buildings, Multifamily Housing, Condos, Office Buildings, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Storage, Strip Malls, Warehouses, Data Centers, Mixed-Use, Medical Facilities, and more.

Design-Build Industry

Architects, Engineers, and Contractors are eligible for tax incentives or the design of energy efficient builds.

About KJ Reynolds & Associates

Kelly Reynolds works with clients who are interested in considering tax incentives and financial efficiencies to grow their businesses. Every resource becomes an advantage in the growth of your business, from Research and Development to efficient accounting strategies that help offset the cost of innovation activities and reserve cash to fund future activities.

Kelly Reynolds has owned small food manufacturing businesses in the USA (Good Star Foods, Inc.) and New Zealand (Timaru Milling Company). She formed KJ Reynolds & Associates when she became interested in filling the financial void of owning medium to small size businesses by offering them tax resources, often only utilized by larger scale businesses.