Energy Efficiency As A Service

EEAAS Four Step Process

Efficiency-as-a-service is a pay-for-performance, off-balance sheet financing solution that allows customers to implement energy and water efficiency projects with no upfront capital expenditure. The provider pays for project development, construction, and maintenance costs. The KJ Reynolds And Associates team is here to help guide owners and partners through the process from concept to funding including identifying potential rebates and specialty tax considerations.

  1. Project Funding & Execution
    Legal documents are executed, and the project is funded and implemented
  2. Investment Grade Audit: Based upon the findings and goals established in preliminary analysis, the investment grade audit project engineering, and construction costs are established
  3. Preliminary Analysis: Build the framework of an energy savings project to include energy bencharking and alignment of project.
  4. Introduce EEAAS Funding: Open discussion around the option of utilizing Energy Efficiency As A Service to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Small Project Energy Efficiency

Most owners/operators to have more efficient energy systems so they can lower electric, water
and gas costs as they try to find ways to improve their balance sheet. But the concerns about
how to afford those energy-efficient solutions have prevented many from making the investment;
or, at least indefinitely postponing an upgrade decision until they can ‘find the money in the
budget’. If budget constraints have been holding you back from upgrading your energy
infrastructure, we may be able to give your facility a variety of energy efficiency solutions - fully
installed - without requiring you to provide any out-of-pocket capital costs.

Large Projects with Prepaid Savings

Organizations who have energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, the capital required to meet these goals can be more than what can be budgeted forcing smaller projects to be completed over a period of time. The Energy Efficiency As A Service model, allows for a collection of
projects to be bundled together allowing for energy efficiency and renewables to be rolled into a single solution that includes maintenance
and on-going real time monitoring. Owners can also take advantage of prepaid savings to be used on a discretionary basis.