Marketing 360 Imagery

Photos and video used to be flat and one dimensional. 3D Imaging is a next-gen imaging process that captures color and depth with incredible accuracy. The specialized equipment KJ Reynolds uses allows us to leverage cutting-edge technology and powerful cloud processing to make immersive digital experiences out of real-world environments. We integrate an approach of blending art, technology, and science to create images that assist our clients in telling their story. Our team members are trained and equipped to serve both the residential and commercial markets. So, whether it be telling the story of the house you would like others to consider as their next home, or the collaboration of a large team on a construction project, our services can help you build, document, and communicate that project in a more concise way. The visual rendition of 3D mapping and modeling can bring a unique perspective to any story being told.

The benefits of 3D imaging for Construction Documentation are well known to be cost saving measures in the industry. No more relying on human error when it comes to accuracy. Our scans provide accuracy up to .9mm

With the volume of properties available on the market, making your home stand out in the crowd can be a challenge. Creating the visual affect needed to share the what you see as being special can come alive with the help of 3D Virtual Imaging and Mapping. The virtual model allows interested parties to tour and learn about your property without ever leaving where they are.

From construction projects to historical buildings and everything in between, each organization has a unique story to share about who they are, what they do, and where they are at.