Residential 3D Imaging

With the volume of properties available on the market, making your home stand out in the crowd can be a challenge. Creating the visual affect needed to share the what you see as being special can come alive with the help of 3D Virtual Imaging and Mapping. The virtual model allows interested parties to tour and learn about your property without ever leaving where they are. Details around features and benefits can be integrated as points of interest throughout the model, and coupled with professional images to tell the story from your point of view.

As a Real Estate professional, having these models available will not only bring your listings to life but can also help you spend the limited time available with clients narrowing down what might be a good fit without having to travel.

Residential 3D Model





Statistics show that 95% of people are more likely to call about the listing and be more than 3 times as engaged when they do call. More clients with real emotions create higher value listings. Try out a Virtual Reality (VR) site visit to experience it yourself!

  • Display what the property looks like through a virtual tour, allows for additional emotional investment in a property before the physical visit
  • Less open houses, making it easier for families with children and pets
  • Fill apartment or condo units faster
  • Get as-built measurements and data for designers, or for movers to determine what items need moving and how to determine logistics
  • Lasting memories of your home

Home Improvement projects

In so many cases plans and documents are not available to work or build off of. Creating a model can help you speed up the design process and document the valuable services that you provide. Knowing what was there before the project began and documenting the as-built final product can reduce risk and add more money completing the projects that you do best. Let our team be your third party expert and do the documentation for you.

For those who have gone through the process of building or remodeling a home, it is easy to understand how difficult the documentation process can be. What did it look like before we started? Where are the pipes and wires located behind the walls? Questions that every site can be challenged with, even with the most detailed owner/contractor teams. Virtual Imaging and mapping process will not only provide you with a living document of the step-by-step processes, but also help reduce the risk of having missing communication between a client and a professional third-party

  • Reduce costs (ex. Site visits)
  • Measurement data “as-built” for existing plans
  • Document projects
  • Virtual tour of projects before, during, and after completion

Residential Construction Professionals

  • Reduce costs (ex. Site visits)
  • Measurement data “as-built” for existing plans
  • Document projects
  • Virtual tour of projects before, during, and after completion


Having a record of your home and belongings before something happens (ex. fire, flood, tornado) to compare with the damage afterwards can help insurance adjusters determine loss in a more efficient manner.

  • Recorded record of your belongings
  • Capture real loss data
  • Measurement data “as-built” and as damaged if needed

Dollhouse View

Floorplan View