Kitchi Gammi Club


The visual rendition of 3D mapping and modeling acquired from a specialty Infrared Imager can bring a unique perspective to any story being told. Please take a look around our site and learn a little more about how Infrared Scanning can bring a unique approach to your vision. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.
Photos and video used to be flat and one dimensional but have evolved to a data rich means of sharing information. 3D Imaging – Mapping  is a next-gen imaging process that captures color and depth with incredible accuracy to the next level utilizing the Infrared Scanning technology. The specialized equipment used allows us to leverage cutting-edge space 360 degree scanning and powerful cloud processing to make immersive digital experiences out of real-world environments. Immerse yourself in a pair of VR goggles and see details within a building like you have never seen before.