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Business Applications

The term “Business Applications” covers a vast spectrum of global industries and markets. One could encompass everything from Construction projects to Historical Buildings and everything in between as an entity within that complex term. Each organization has a unique story to share about who they are, what they do, and where they are at. At KJ Reynolds and Associates we are here to partner with you and help tell that story from a unique perspective and highlight the details that you want to be communicated with others. The following are only a few of examples of how 3D Mapping can impact your business and bottom line. If you can walk through and envision it we can help you share it with others!

Commercial Real Estate

Our global economy has created a market in which our customers could be anywhere in the world looking in your market for the right property. Having the right tools can assist them in seeing more spaces available without having to spend the time and money to travel can make you a valuable partner in the process. As a team we can create that virtual walk through and highlight the details that might not be captured in photos alone. Upon completion of the sale the models can be easily downloaded in formats like AutoCAD for existing site documentation and future design planning.

  • Listed properties can be viewable from any location
  • Show more properties in detail without the time and expense of travel
  • Communicate with shareholders critical information that may not be captured in photos
  • Independent verification and documentation of project progress
  • Streamline workflows
  • Cost reduction (ex. less site visits)
  • Measurements of “as-built” dimensions (ex. Upgrading equipment, renovation projects)
  • Promote rental spaces in real time
  • Document before and after of projects and events – benefits designers, contractors, and owners

visible lightEducation Institutions

Education has become a competitive landscape of quality programs where students have an overwhelming amount of options to consider. Let us help you tell the story of why your organization should be high on their list of considerations. Our virtual tour capabilities allow perspective students to visit your highlighted programs and experience what makes them unique. Take a walk through your facilities and highlight points of interest such as campus life, graduation rates and certification information can be embedded right in to the tour with options to update as needed. Your industry partners will appreciate the exposure they get from others seeing the tour too!

  • Market to potential students and partners from anywhere they may be by clicking on a link from your website
  • Update and add to your marketing information with minimal costs
  • Tell the story of your programs and how they are special on a guided virtual tour\
  • Virtual Tours allow perspective students and their parents a real time program preview with embedded content highlighting the information that is important to consider
  • Allow website visitors access to your space/experience can lead to actual increase of physical customer traffic to your place of business
  • Show products and services within a 3D tour of your establishment using custom tags embedded through the tour

Hospitality, Restaurants, Event Centers, and Places of Interest

There are so many amazing places out there to see and experience and yours is no different. Having a Virtual model can help others experience what makes your place of interest special. Details such as special events, menus, points of interest, and destination details can easily be included in your model and updated as needed. Historical sites and museums can invite people from afar to tour their facilities and showcase details of their precious displays

  • Tell the story of what you do in a creative way
  • Show products and services within a 3D tour of your establishment using custom tags embedded through the tour
  • Have the ability to show how your business looked before and after renovation work
  • Allow website visitors access to your space/experience can lead to actual increase of physical customer traffic to your place of business
  • Document property condition and assets for insurance purposes
  • Asset management documentation

Design and Construction Professional Services

As we build, remodel, and preserve the places we spend our time in the need for sharing of information and documentation can be critical to the success of the project. Leveraging technology can help everyone on the team work more efficiently and provide a better product to the end user. The process of 3D mapping can help reduce the time spent gathering and coordinating the details of a project from the pre-construction phase and incrementally through the as-built details of post completion. Increased productivity can help reduce costs to the owner and add money to the bottom line of those who do the work.

  • Reduce cost of assembling existing site details and gathering site information when it is not available
  • All scanned site documentation can be converted to formats like AUTO-CAD and Solid Works in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to field document by hand
  • Use as a tool for master planning of projects (ex. construction access and routes, safety exits, and areas blocked off for hazardous control, security and fire control placement)
  • Highly accurate site measurements are a result of the mapping process
  • Share across multiple disciplines for project collaboration and coordination of site information
  • As-built documentation post projects
  • Reduce number of intrusive site visits
  • Measurements of “as-built” dimensions (ex. Upgrading equipment, renovation projects)
  • Risk management of projects by documenting existing site conditions
  • Post construction documentation including as-builds, equipment submittals, and service documentation
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